Lara's First Day of School Lara with her grandma and grandpoppy
Grandma and Grandpoppy are going to see Lara to the bus stop on her first day of school.

Lara standing at the bus stop, West Lara Lane
Lara catches the bus at the end of our private road, which is named, not coincidentally, W. Lara Lane.

Lara and her bus driver, Allen
The bus arrives at 6:40 every weekday morning. Allen is the bus driver. Lara will get to know Allen and the bus very well, because it's over an hour to school, half of it on a gravel road. She'll get home around 4:07 pm. in the afternoon.

Lara and Thibeaux
This is Lara's new kitten, Thibeaux.
He's 12 weeks old, and has a very strong personality!
Already, he's wormed his way into all our hearts.

August 16, 2001
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