More Yangchun Babies and Families

Here are some more photos of beautiful Yangchun babies and adoptive families, received in August, 1998. We would love to be able to identify the people in these photos. If you can help, please contact . Parents, please give us permission to post your daughter's new name on this page! If you would like a copy of any of these photos, please contact Betsy Egan.

We respect the privacy of our families. If your image or your child's image is here and you don't want it on our website, please let know, and she'll remove it immediately. >

from left: Yang Chun Hua, Yang Chun Zhi, Yang Chun Bin now Amy Rose Van Ness, Yang Chun Lian, Yang Chun Yan, now Kimberly Rose Wong, and Yang Yun All of these babies were adopted August 20, 1998, with group 21 of USAA.

Baby on the right is Guo Sheng Fu

Yu Hong Ying and Mrs. Guo, the City Manager, are standing in the rear of this photo. The baby is Yang Ying

Babies are (from left): Yang Chun Shi now McKenna Wensmann, Yang Chun Fei now Kyra Lin Anderson with her parents Dawn & Mike, and Yang Chun Yao now Jordyn Lee. This photo taken in April, 1998 in front of the Golden Roc Hotel.

Bailee Egan adopted 10/97 on the right

Yang Chun Wei


Yang Heng & Bailee Egan, adopted 10/97

Madison Hayter, Bailee Egan, Yang Meng, Yang Qiao

Bailee Egan, Yang Qiao, Yang Wang, Yang E, Yang Hu

Bailee Egan, adopted 10/97
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