The Patterson Family

Marissa Yang Bao Patterson
Yang Bao (Ocean Treasure of the Sea)

born: June 10, 1996
adopted: June 1, 1997
agency: World Child or

Our Yangchun Trip

Marissa's first name means "of the sea". Her Chinese middle name, Yang Bao, means "ocean treasure". And it is no big surprise that our Marissa is a water lover at heart! In and out of the backyard pool on a hot summer day is typical for our ocean treasure and splashing dada is another favorite pastime.
Marissa and mama celebrate their very first and very special Mother's Day together in May 1998! What a wonderful day for mama as she realizes her dreams to experience motherhood with her beautiful daughter.

Our Marissa is a budding athlete at the park! This spring (June 1998) Marissa started to really enjoy playing with the outdoor equipment at the school playground/park. She especially likes sliding down the slides and is learning to climb on the monkey-bars. Mama and dada work hard to keep up with all her energy and enthusiasm.

Marissa, dada, and Bear the dog lounge in the wooded foothills of the Cascade Range on the first backpack trip of the season (June 1998). Marissa loves the outdoors and especially likes jumping off rocks and fallen trees, entertaining adults at the campsite, and sleeping in the tent with mama and dada.

Our "Forever Family" celebrated our 1st anniversary together on June 1, 1998. Our newly established traditions include taking a family photo (including Bear the dog), dinner at a great Chinese restaurant, playing at the park, and giving Marissa one very special silver charm to commemorate the year and to add to her ever growing charm bracelet.

Take care everyone.

Darrell and Sharon

Some more photos of Marissa (taken last year):

Marissa Yang Bao Patterson

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