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Golden Roc Hotel

by Sandy Meyers, 1996
Golden Roc Hotel entrance
Several groups have stayed at the Golden Roc Hotel. If you have stayed here, please write with your impressions, commments, about your stay. (Likewise, for your stay in any other Yangchun Hotel.)

Five families stayed in the Golden Roc Hotel in late March, 1996, paying $50 per room/night. The hotel fee was prepaid before travel in cash, and was likely calculated to cover the cost of the Agency representative and translator's rooms as well. (If anyone has a rate card or other contact information, please let me know.)

by Sandy Meyers, 1996
View from front entrance of Golden Roc Hotel
The Golden Roc is a quiet hotel, approximately 7 stories high, with a large and pleasant entranceway. The hotel restaurant is on the second floor, and serves excellent and reasonably priced Cantonese food. Each time we ate there, a very helpful English speaking Manager was available to help us order foods we liked. (We even got a very nice bottle of Chinese white wine)

The rooms are moderately sized with two twin beds. The guests are not provided with room keys, but on each floor, a young woman rushes to unlock your door for you whenever you return to your room. She also provides hot water for your thermos, and takes any laundry you may want done.

by Sandy Meyers, 1996
Baby Crib with Lace Netting
In many cases, the families are provided with cribs for their babies. However, if there aren't enough for all the families in your group, you can put the two semi-circle chairs together and line it with a bed comforter to make a very comfortable bed for your baby.

by Lisa McClure, 1996
View of Yangchun from a backfacing room, 6th floor

by Linda Weaver, 1997
View of Yangchun, to the northeast, 7th floor

by Linda Weaver, 1997
View of Yangchun, to the northeast

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