Getting to Yangchun

Route to Yangchun

Yangchun is located approximately 160 miles southwest of Guangzhou, in Guangdong Province, China. You can travel to Yangchun from Guangzhou by train or by road. Most groups have been travelling by chartered bus.

Although it is theoretically possible to travel directly from Hong Kong or Macau to Yangchun, all of the major roads lead to Guangzhou, so it's generally faster to start from Guangzhou. To give you a good idea of the distances involved, the driving distance between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is about 90 miles.

By Train

The rail line runs parallel to the northern road route shown on the map. Yangchun lies on the rail line between Guangzhou and Kunming. Some families have travelled to Yangchun by train. If you can provide more information about this method of travel, please send it to me so I can include it. ( )

By Road - northern route

The road from Guangzhou to Zhaoqing is a divided highway, along the Pearl river, and allows you to see a cross section of the city, and the industry and agriculture outside of the city. From the White Swan Hotel to Zhaoqing takes no more than 2 hours, including the slow drive through the city.

Many groups stop at the scenic Seven Star Crags park outside of Zhaoqing for a visit and/or lunch.

Shortly after Zhaoqing, the highway peters out and becomes a very rough, gravel road. The scenery is very beautiful, with lots of rice paddies, water buffalo, spiky looking hills, etc. The pace is very slow from this point until you reach Yangchun, and though there is a lot to look at, be prepared for a bone rattling ride. The estimated driving time from Zhaoqing to Yangchun is approximately 4 hours.

It appears that this road is scheduled for upgrading, so in a year or so, its condition may be significantly improved.

By Road - southern route

This route is paved the entire way, but except for the section between Yangchun and Yangjiang, it is not particularly scenic. The total driving time is approximately 4 hours.

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