Do you know any of these Yangchun Babies?

Yang Yin, Yang Ping, Yang Mei
From left to right they are: Yang Yin, Yang Ping now Amy Rebecca-Ping Johnson adopted July 29, 1997 and living in Central New York, and Yang Mei now Nicole Rose YangMei Shulman

These photos were provided by the Yangchun Orphanage Director, Ms. Yu, during her October, 1997 visit to Colorado. Our understanding is that these photos were taken in the summer or early fall of 1997, and that the babies in the photos were adopted during the summer through late fall of 1997.

If you recognize any of these babies, will you please contact so that she can include additional information about them? Also, if you'd like a copy of any of the original photos, send Betsy Egan an e-mail and let her know which ones you want. The adult in these photos is Ms. Yu Hong Ying, the Director.

Here are more photos of beautiful Yangchun babies, taken in October, 1998 by Betsy Egan. And here are even more photos of Yangchun babies and families received in August, 1998.
4 Babies
These babies were adopted through CWA on August 13, 1997. From left to right they are: Yang Yu now living in Indiana, Yang Na now Sparky Vincent living in North Carolina, Yang Lei now living in Michigan, and Yang Ru now living in California.
6 Babies
On the far left is Yang Ping, now Amy Rebecca-Ping Johnson. The other babies are Yang Yin, Yang Nuan, Yang Mei, and Yang Mei
5 Babies
Yang Jun, Yang Sa. In walkers - Yang Lan, Yang Dan
7 Babies
These babies were adopted through CWA on August 13, 1997. Yang Lei is in the walker, Yang Ru is on Ms. Yu's lap. Sitting on the floor from left to right are Yang Na, Yang Yu now living in New York, Yang Ling now Jadzia Yang Ling living in Ohio, Yang Yu, and Yang Cai now living in California.
2 Babies and Ms. Yu
Mrs. Yu with Yang Yu and Yang Lei

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