The Yangchun Orphanage

Several of the Yangchun Orphanage Staff
Several of the Yangchun Orphanage Staff

These photos were provided by the Yangchun Orphanage Director, Ms. Yu, during her October, 1997 visit to Colorado, and show the old orphanage building. This building is still being used for the elderly cared for by the city of Yangchun. A new orphanage building has been erected behind the old building that houses the babies and children.

The Yangchun orphanage has twelve caretakers to provide and care for approximately 150 children, from newborn through age ten.

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Old Orphanage Building
The babies used to live in the left half of the top floor Now, they live in the new orphanage building located behind this one.
Park View
View of park near the orphanage

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